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Visual Storytelling

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this year it could be worth a Watty Award. The Visual Storytelling award recognizes the stunning stories that use in-line media to create unique stories, including everything from graphic novels to recipe books and anything in between.


Sometimes stories push the limits. Whether it’s a fresh twist on an established genre, or a complete departure from the ordinary, this award recognizes authors who break new ground.

Writer's Debut

First impressions are very important. In 2016, some fantastic new writers made their mark on the Wattpad community. This Watty Award celebrates great work from storytellers who made their debuts this year.

Hidden Gems

Think your story’s gone unnoticed? Think again. We’re always scouring Wattpad for diamonds in the rough. The Wattys are no exception as we dig up great stories Wattpad readers will love.

Voracious Reads

You know those reads that get their hooks in and won’t let up? The stories you can’t stop reading, even when you’re falling asleep mid-sentence? This award goes to the most addictive Wattys entries.

Talk of the Town

Stories in this category set the community on fire. They inspired a ton of buzz, debate, and engagement – so much so, we couldn’t help but take notice. These are the unignorable stories that got you talking.

Collector's Edition

Wattpadders are famous for building their own libraries of favorites. The winners in this category are those that the Wattpad community have added most frequently. They’re stories that inspire stockpiling – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

New Voices

Sometimes new writers slip under the radar. But not at Wattpad! We’ve got our eyes out for great new talent, and this award highlights some truly gifted writers who are new on the scene.

HQ Love

The HQ Love award recognizes the stories that are most adored by Wattpad staff. Here at HQ, a great story goes a long way. Luckily, there’s no shortage of brilliance to satisfy our eclectic tastes.

People's Choice

On voting day, you tweeted to tell us your favorite stories. The Wattys People’s Choice award will go to the stories that received the most tweets.

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