And the winners are...

The Originals

This award is for the trailblazers who changed the game, defied genres and categories, broke the rules, experimented with form, and created one-of-a-kind stories on Wattpad. You’re a master of your art form, but you understand that the old rules were made to be broken. Maybe your writing doesn’t take the shape of usual prose. Perhaps your strength is in script writing, thrilling an audience with the vivid descriptions, invoking visceral feelings. Or maybe you think out of the box, using multimedia, art, and design to bring your stories to life. Maybe your dialogue is short and quippy – brilliant like Hemmingway or Jedamus. Your use of language tickles the senses! Whatever makes your style unique, we want to see it!

The Breakthroughs

This award is for the up-and-comers in storytelling who delighted readers and caused a stir on Wattpad. You’ve toiled. You’ve worked hard to tell the story you wanted and you fought for every read you have. You stayed in the game, engaging with readers and other writers until you found your audience. You love your craft—and it shows. The story you’re submitting is a breath of fresh air. It tells the story you’re passionate about, it tells a story others want to read. You’re a Dark Horse, the Blade Runner of your time and your rise through the ranks is well deserved. Here’s looking at you, kid. ;)

The Storysmiths

This award recognizes the stories that wowed us with their commitment to the craft and demonstrated a mastery of style, plot, and character development. Simply put, you elevate storytelling. Your goal is to raise the bar and remind us of the power behind a story well-told. The imagery captured in your syntax is dizzying. Just one word can leave us breathless, angry, sad, or seduced. Your writing style is riveting, impactful, and immersive. You represent a new generation of high-concept storytellers, and we live vicariously through the manifestation of your imagination! You are a true wordsmith, a story stylist, and we are in awe of you.

The Hidden Gems

This award is for the emerging writers who inspired us with their potential! We may have had to wade through millions of words to find you, but every moment was worth it. Though you’re new to the platform and may still be trying to find your place and your voice, you have worked extremely hard to stand out, to perfect your craft and to make a name for yourself. That hard work has paid off! We can see the potential for your greatness from miles away. Rare as a diamond, your story shines true in the dark. You know how to capture us with your words and we want to share your shine with the world.

The Heartbreakers

This award celebrates the writers whose mastery of tugging on heartstrings made us feel, for real. The love triangles of Bella, Edward and Jacob didn’t satisfy you. The love affair between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy left a lot to be desired, and you’d rewrite The Notebook if you had your way. You are a connoisseur of amour. You break our hearts and we love it. Your exploration of the human condition cracks us open, and leave us raw and passionate. We feel every word you write, even when it hurts. But just like love, the highs and lows are always worth it. So here’s to the storytellers who break our hearts and put us back together again.

The Worldbuilders

This award celebrates imaginative storytellers who constructed thrilling new places and transported readers to them. You’ve got a way of taking us far away. The worlds you conjure within your story make us forget where we are. Just a few words and we’re transported to the universe you created; breathing new air, meeting new characters, taking in breathtaking views. You are a Worldbuilder. You take us to Middle Earth, behind the walls of Hogwarts, into the forests of Narnia, and journey with us around the riverbend to where the White Walkers live. No one unravels our realities the way you do and we salute you!

The Heroes

This award celebrates the stories that introduced us to characters we related to, who made us feel for them, who showed us a new way of looking at the world. A great character stays with the reader long after the story’s done—these stories did just that. They stand out in our mind, these characters you’ve invented. They’re flesh and blood and prose. Perhaps they’re demi gods like Percy and anti-heroes like Achilles. They have the spirit of Katniss Everdeen, Bilbo Baggins, and the Pevensies as they take on adventure, and they instill fearlessness in us like Harry, Hermione and Ron as they charge into the unknown. Their words mean something to us. They are our enemies, our friends, and our fantasies. They are our Heroes. They are flawed and complicated, but we can’t help but love them. We celebrate your imagination and the amazing characters that you have given us!

The Change Makers

This award celebrates unique stories from underrepresented points of views. Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone can and should be a hero. That ethos is core to what Wattpad is all about, and your story embodies that. Maybe your story features diverse leads, or perhaps it gives us a fresh perspective from an LGBTQ+ narrator. By drawing inspiration from the diverse and colorful reality of the human experience, your story is trailblazing change. These are the stories we read to expand our points of view and connect us through our differences. These are the stories we honour because they will change the world!

The Contemporaries

This award celebrates the writers who are redefining what it means to be a 21st century storyteller. What does it take to succeed as a contemporary storyteller? You’re part of the new generation that’s redefining the game. Your storytelling is surprising, forward-thinking, and viral. You understand what your audience is looking for, and you execute it flawlessly. With millions of reads, high levels of engagement and a top ranking on the platform, you’ve earned your place on our reading list. The data is in, and you’ve earned this award!

The Revisionists

This award celebrates those who remix, reimagine, and reinvigorate fictional stories, worlds, or characters we know and love. The worlds we love, the characters we know, the fandoms we belong to: you reinvented the ending we hated, explored the relationships we wanted, and made something familiar new again. From BTS to One Direction, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, your fandom knows no bounds, and neither does your talent!

The Wild Cards

This award is for the stories that showed promise in many different genres but didn’t fit into any single box. The stories that had Wattpad HQ hooked and showed a spark and literary merit that could NOT be ignored. Your writing is impossible to pin down or put labels on. You're bold, unique, and never afraid to take creative risks. We all obsessed over you, where to put your genius, how to honour you, but your story defied categorization—so we made this award just for you! You set our minds ablaze, you pulled us on to an emotional roller coaster, and we loved the ride!

The Poets

This award celebrates the poems that capture visceral feelings, vibrant imagery and a mastery of language. Poetry is an artform, and it’s tough to truly master, but you’ve got a knack for it. We love the way you explore the relationship between words, and evoke real emotion with imagery and wording. Just like Rupi, Lang and your other predecessors, you know how to accomplish so much with just a few characters. Poetry takes real work—and we want to acknowledge your efforts.

Raise your voice. Share your story. Change the world.

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