The Wattys

Recognizing the best in Digital Storytelling

This year’s Wattys were a great success with over 14,000 stories submitted. Please join us in congratulating the following winners and in thanking everyone who entered.

The Best of Instant Addiction

The numbers don’t lie. According to Wattpad’s data scientists, these are the most addictive stories on Wattpad, and readers can’t put them down.

The Best of Talk of the Town

These stories have seen gossip, heated arguments, and tens of thousands of inline comments each. Join the conversation on the most-discussed stories of 2014.

The Best of Collector's Dream

You are likely to find one of these stories in most Wattpadders' libraries as they are the most-added stories of 2014.

The Best of Beginner's Luck

This award was created to recognize some of the best stories written by people who have joined Wattpad in the last six months.

The Best of Interactive Storytelling

One of the things that makes Wattpad unique is the way stories, images, and video are used to support plot and characters. Here are the most multimedia-packed stories of 2014.

The Best of In-Progress

Wattpad lives on serialization: ongoing stories told chapter by chapter. This award recognizes the most addictive stories that are still being told.

The Best of People's Choice

This year we asked you to nominate and vote for your favorite stories of 2014 on social media. You used images, campaigns, tags, and even cute baby goats to support the stories you love. After one month, thousands of tweets and Facebook shares, here are the stories that won People’s Choice.

The Best of HQ Love

The first-ever HQ Love award recognizes the stories that are most read by staff at Wattpad HQ. We hope you’ll enjoy these reads as much as we did.

The Best of Undiscovered Gems

This award recognizes some of the undiscovered stories.

Honorable Mentions

We know no boundaries: stories posted to Wattpad are written and read all over the word. This year we received thousands of Wattys entries in languages other than English that represented a total of thirty-eight different languages.

If you’re interested in reading Wattys entries in your language, visit the #wattys2014 search page, select your language from a drop-down menu, and enjoy some of the following stories: